About Us

PR Sky has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality digital marketing services to companies throughout the fashion industry since 2001. Located in the heart of Soho in New York City, the company began with an emphasis on SEO, paid search and social media for local boutiques and shops in the Soho area, but has expanded its services and resources exponentially in the past decade. PR Sky has now spread its reach globally, with clients ranging in Dubai, Italy, Australia, and more. Stefani Chaney, founder and CEO of PR Sky, leveraged her experience in marketing for the top fashion players to establish a well-trusted company for this industry. In 2016, the company won the Digiday Content Marketing Award and was rated Top Best Digital Marketing Services by Forbes magazine.



Stefani Chaney – CEO

Stefani Chaney is the CEO of PR Sky Marketing, the top firm in the U.S. for five consecutive years in a row. The CEO started the company in 2007 and has been able to increase revenues by 45% in the past three years, 30% in the past two years respectively. Chaney has been able to accomplish this through diversifying the company’s portfolio and bringing on two top level digital marketing executives from various Fortune 500 Companies.






Kathryn Benedict – CMO

Kathryn Benedict is the CMO of PR Sky Marketing. Benedict has been central in accelerating the company’s profits in the past several years through concentrating on innovation and fostering a creative dynamic in each team meeting. She does this through giving employees the opportunity to openly communicate their ideas and implement new strategies through media.







Ana Zajas – COO

Ana Zajas is the COO of PR Sky Marketing. Zajas joined the company a year ago and has already created a series of development programs for leaders that aid in providing direction for all business activities. Along with the CEO, she has devised a long term strategy for the company which is sure to improve the triple bottom line and help with the overall sustainability of the supply chain.







Salma Kemmou – CFO

Salma Kemmou is the CFO of PR Sky Marketing. Kemmou has been able to positively impact the company’s revenues since starting at PR Sky. She has successfully implemented an SROI to measure the financial value of the company, and has been able to effectively invest the company’s capital while taking into consideration risk.